Delta Stryker HD Rifle Scopes

Designed and built by enthusiasts - Delta Optical was established in 2002 and after nearly two decades of continuous development they have found favour with some of World’s top shooters and emergency services.

Built on the foundations of performance and value, the Delta brand places

quality within the reach of most if not all consumers. Confident in their ability to create cutting edge optics, Delta products are often tested by some of Europes leading optical authorities.

Among these authorities is Germany’s famed DEVA institute.

Some of Deltas most successful products are their Stryker and Titanium HD rifle scopes, both of which pride themselves on having 92% light transmission across the entire optical system and up to 98% transmission for individual layers. A level of quality that places them among the world’s leading optics.

Delta are so confident in the quality of their rifle scopes that each of them come with a 10 year warranty on all parts (optics, mechanics, electronics).