Kokoelma: EOTech EXPS3 NV Holographic Weapon Sights

The EOTech EXPS3 NV Holographic Weapon Sight is a cutting-edge optic designed to excel in both day and night operations, making it a top choice for military, law enforcement, and tactical enthusiasts. This model integrates all the advanced features of the EXPS2, including side-button controls and a quick-detach lever, while adding compatibility with night vision devices (NV). The EXPS3 NV offers multiple brightness settings for seamless transition between daylight and night vision modes, ensuring optimal reticle visibility in all lighting conditions. Its robust construction is both water-resistant and shockproof, guaranteeing durability in the most demanding environments.

The EXPS3 NV's capability to co-witness with iron sights and its compatibility with magnifiers further enhance its versatility, providing shooters with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and flexibility in any operational scenario.