Collezione: Tactical, Hunting, Prism and LVPO Rifle Scopes

Tactical, hunting, prism, and LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) rifle scopes each cater to specific shooting needs, combining precision and versatility. Tactical scopes are designed for quick target acquisition and durability in dynamic environments, often featuring reticles that aid in range estimation and bullet drop compensation. Hunting scopes prioritize clarity and light transmission for dawn and dusk conditions, often with simple, uncluttered reticles for quick target engagement. Prism scopes use a glass prism instead of traditional lenses, offering compact size and fixed magnification with illuminated reticles ideal for close to mid-range engagements. LPVO scopes provide a broad magnification range, typically from 1x to 6x or higher, allowing shooters to switch between rapid close-quarters shots and precise long-range targeting. Each type offers unique advantages, making them suitable for a wide range of applications from tactical operations to hunting and competitive shooting.