Collezione: Trijicon Tenmile HX Rifle Scopes

Trijicon Tenmile HX Rifle Scopes are top-tier optics designed specifically for hunters who require long-range precision and reliability. These scopes feature fully multi-coated lenses, providing exceptional clarity, brightness, and color accuracy, which are crucial for spotting and engaging targets at extended distances. The Tenmile HX series includes various magnification options and advanced reticles, such as first focal plane (FFP) reticles, ensuring consistent accuracy across all power settings. Built from rugged, aircraft-grade aluminum, these scopes are designed to endure the most demanding environments while maintaining a dependable zero. The precise, exposed turrets allow for swift and accurate windage and elevation adjustments, complemented by a zero stop feature for a reliable return to zero. Combining superior optical performance, durable construction, and hunter-focused features, the Trijicon Tenmile HX Rifle Scopes are the ideal choice for serious hunters seeking unmatched accuracy and dependability in long-range shooting scenarios.