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Delta Optical Stryker ED 4.5-30x56 Rifle Scope MIL/MIL ZL FFP LRD-1P Reticle DO-2501-LT

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The 2020 version is here.

Your feedback to Delta has made it even better:
• Click markings at different lengths.
• Turret full rotation indicator.
• Parallax wheel scaled up to 1500m.
It is also Matt Black and proudly bares the new Delta logo.

This is the new version of the Delta Stryker Target Ultra ED 4.5-30×56 HD FFP Illuminated Locking Turret Rifle Scope, featuring a new and improved locking turret design (as seen in the pictures).

The Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD LT is undoubtedly a rifle scope that is long overdue in the market and has now been upgraded to have locking turrets. The Delta STRYKER ED features a reticle in the FFP will mil graduations and 0.1 Mil Clicks. The top quality ED glass of the Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD LT will give a bright and rich contrast image. The HD / ED glass system is the same as you will find in the highly regarded and thought after Delta Titanium 2.5-15×56 HD. This HD glass system significantly reduces chromatic aberrations and improves overall sharpness and colour reproduction significantly.

The 56mm objective combined with the FMC lenses produces great light transmission and brilliant optical performance even in low light conditions. The well-designed LRD reticles of the Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD have been tried, tested, and thought-out by Long Range Design of Sweden who are experts in extreme long-range shooting. The DLR reticle of the Delta Stryker ED was designed by Astro Swedens Jannes Nissinen who had taken feedback from top Scandinavian shooters and designed the DLR reticle, which has an MSR style about it but with a very finely marked mil hash centre for quick measurement and windage holdovers.

All the reticles in the Delta STRYKER ED are an FFP Milradian based (1 MIL = 10cm at 100m), are truly unique and have been designed to accommodate every shooter's needs. Each of the reticles of the Delta Stryker 4.5-30×56 FFP corresponds with the click of the scope, which is 1 click equals 0.1 MIL (10mm). The FFP Reticles are designed so the shooter on any magnification can make elevation and windage adjustments.

The Delta Titanium 4.5-30×56 HD has been built on a sleek and robust 34mm tube that allows the STRYKER ED to gain a large range of reticle adjustment that reaches 3m. This large amount of elevation adjustment will ensure you can get out to 1000+ yards.

The STRYKER is built for recoil of up to 18,000 Joule (super Magnum caliber .50BMG).

The Milradian based turrets of the Delta Styker ED 4.5-30×56 is an open BDC design and is equipped with a Zero Lock mechanism that allows the shooter to set a limit for elevation. The shooter will zero the riflescope at their desired shooting distance, then the zero lock is used to make corrections only in elevation and prevents the user from lowering the point of impact below the user-defined limit.  

The Delta Stryker 4.5-30×56 HD weighs only 1042 grams and is a compact size of only 365mm, ensuring the scope can fit into any weight constriction competitions thrown at it. 

As standard, the Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 has a 10-year warranty. 

LRD-1P / LRD-1T reticles
Designed by Peder Westman from Sweden ( to maximize fast and effective range determination, accurate windage corrections and moving target leads as well as fast holdovers at low magnifications. It´s all in PRS and tactical solution for the ambitious shooter.
The center of the reticle is an illuminated 0.045 Mil target point with surrounding, illuminated markings that form the cross.
The LRD-1P and LRD-1T Fast fire and ranging reticle using MRAD-based subtension lines for ranging, holdover and windage corrections.
Extra fine line thickness (0.03mrad) inside 1.0 mrad from center, for better ranging and aiming possibilities at long ranges.
Fast unique 0.1 mrad correction from center of the reticle, with accuracy down to 0.05 mrad.
Wind corrections with 0.1 mrad accuracy from center of the reticle for the first mrad. 

All three unique reticles have been designed so that they:
Do not obscure the target in the full range of magnification and never distract the shooter,
Allow to quickly estimate the distance to target with known dimensions,
Allow for rapid correction of bullet drop and elevation of its flight path as well as windage and velocity corrections.


  • Magnification [x]: 4.5-30 
  • Minimum magnification[x]: 4.5 
  • Maximum magnification[x]: 30 
  • Objective lens diameter [mm]: 56 
  • Reticle: LRD-1P 
  • Illuminated reticle: Yes 
  • Angular field of view [° degrees]: 4.72-0.71 
  • Linear field of view at 100 m [m]: 8.3-1.2 
  • Exit pupil [mm]: 8.8-1.9 
  • Eye relief [mm]: 81-97 
  • Water resistance: 0.3kg/cm2 
  • Weight [g]: 1 014
  • Length [mm]: 365 
  • One click: 0.1 MIL (1 cm @ 100m) 
  • Max. elevation / windage adjustment range : 30/15 MIL 
  • Tube: 34 mm 
  • Parallax adjustment: Side focus (23 m - ∞) 
  • Diopter adjustment range: -2D / +3D 
  • Reticle position: First focal plane (FFP) 
  • Functional temperature range [°C]: -20 — +71 
  • Nitrogen filling: Yes 
  • Remarks: ZeroLock 
  • Accessories: Throw levers & Sunshade
  • Warranty: 10 Years Warranty
  • SKU: DO-2501-LT

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