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Delta Titanium HD 4-24x50 Rifle Scope SFP Illuminated Half Mil Reticle

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Delta Titanium HD 4-24x50 Rifle Scope SFP Illuminated Half Mil Reticle with Interchangeable Turret 

The Delta Titanium 4-24×50 HD offers not only precision and durability but gives the shooter a magnification range that is extremely versatile for short to long-distance hunting and now comes with interchangeable turrets, this gives you the option of having tactical style dial-able turrets or having the classic capped turrets, or a combination of both!

The Delta Titanium 4-24×50 HD gives the shooter an impressive total adjustment range of 29.5 MIL, both vertically and horizontally which is massive out of a 30mm tube. 

The impressive range of parallax adjustment from 10 meters to infinity, a 30-mm tube diameter and HD optics will be appreciated by both beginners and experienced shooters.

The rheostat illumination system is located on the side parallax and gives the option of daylight bright and night illumination settings. When the illumination is switched on a small red dot will appear.

The Delta Titanium HD 4-24x50 Illuminated Half Mil Interchangeable Turret Rifle Scope SF is an extremely all-round scope. This scope is fantastic for both regular hunting, long-distance hunting and long-range shooting where the shooter can either compensate by holding off the target or screw for height and wind using the exposed target dials. 

Delta has impressed with its ability to find solutions in areas that no one else has been able to solve problems both through its innovative magnifications, parallax, wide angle and now, also, by creating one of the world's first hybrid sights that, for the first time the time, combines a hunting sight and a long range sight into one. 


  • Telescope series: Titanium HD
  • Target type: Half Mil Dot
  • Grid position: Second focal plane (SFP)
  • Minimum magnification: 4 x
  • Mesh backlight: YES
  • Maximum magnification: 24 x
  • Mil Adjustment: 0.10 Mil
  • Cross adjustment range (Vertical / Level): 29.5 Mil
  • The diameter of the lens: 50 mm
  • Exit pupil: 7.6 – 2.1 mm
  • Distance from the eye 80 – 98 mm
  • Parallax regulation: Side focus (10 m – ∞)
  • Linear field of view at 100 m: 9.3 – 1.5 m
  • Tube: 30 mm (1 part)
  • Length: 360 mm
  • Weight: 678 g
  • Water resistance: 0.3 kg / cm2
  • Nitrogen filling: YES
  • Warranty: 120 months
  • Resistance to shock: 6500 J
  • Working temperature: -20 / 71 ° C
  • SKU: DO-2465