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Elcan SpecterTR 1x/3x/9x Rifle Scope 7.62 Ballistic Crosshair Reticle

Rifle Scope by Armament Technology

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Armament Technology is very excited to introduce a first for the Shooting Sport and Professional - triple field of view rifle sight that continues on with ELCAN's tradition of leading optical performance and in the field ruggedness. 

The Elcan SpecterTR is a 1/3/9x magnification scope giving any shooter the appropriate level of magnification required for any scenario on a Tactical style platform. The unique three field-of-view design maximises combat effectiveness by providing precision close quarter, mid-range, and long range engagement capability. The SpecterTR rifle sight’s durability, versatility, and extra-long eye relief provides the user with an unmatched advantage on the battle field.

The 1x field-of-view provides a 16° viewing angle and an extremely fast, “both eyes open” target acquisition capability maximised by a red aiming dot and long eye relief. The second field-of-view provides a 3x-magnified sight with a field–of-view of 6°, range compensating reticle, and precision mid-range marksmanship capability. In 9x, a crystal clear 2° viewing angle provides unmatched long-range target detection, identification, and engagement capability –all in a compact, lightweight telescopic package. 

The magnification of the SpecterTR Tri-FOV weapon sight by ELCAN switches easily and quickly using a 3-position dial mounted on the side of the optical housing.

Note - The optic axis height (from the top of the mounting rail to the center of the scope tube) is 1.535


  • Field of View: 16 degrees
  • FOV at 100m: 28.7m
  • Entrance Pupil Diameter: 12mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 11.7mm
  • Eye Relief: 78.6mm
  • Diopter Setting: -.75
  • Optic Axis Height: 39mm (1.535 Inches)
  • Length: 265mm (10.43 Inches)
  • Width: 81mm (3.19 Inches)
  • Overall Height: 74mm (2.91 Inches)
  • Weight: 850 grams (1.9 lbs)
  • Adjustment Resolution: 0.1 mil/click in elevation and windage
  • Range of Adjustment Elevation:  +90 MOA / -30 MOA minimum
  • Azimuth: +60 MOA / -60 MOA minimum
  • Illumination: Red Dot for 1x magnification. 5 illumination brightness levels
  • Reticle illuminated for 3x and 9x. 5 illumination brightness levels
  • Reticle Pattern: Center Crosshair at 100m Ranging lines to 1000m for 7.62 NAT0
  • Weapon Attachment: Will mount to a Picatinny Rail, Integrated Mount included



UPC: 6665950013926

GTIN: 6665950013926



12 month warranty, but these are rugged and battle proven scopes that are very unlikely to fail. In the event of any issues, even outside the warranty period, Armament has a full repair facility in Nova Scotia and they can quickly and inexpensively handle any issue with your scope.

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