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HIK Micro Thunder 35mm 35mK Smart Thermal Weapon Scope

Thermal Weapon Sight by HIK Vision

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HIK Micro Thunder 35mm 35mK Smart Thermal Weapon Scope

The Thunder Thermal Weapon Scope is a very flexible and innovative package from HIK Micro.

The Thunder can be used in three configurations; a Thermal Weapon Scope, a Handheld Thermal Monocular and a Thermal Front Add-On (additional lens system required).

The Weapon Scope is supplied with a 2.1x magnification lens system and a detection distance of 1235m. Add the Picatinny rail and you're ready to attach to your rifle. Simply detach the Picatinny rail and the Thunder can be used as a Thermal Monocular.

Using the highly sensitive, SUB 35mK NETD, 384x288 17µm Thermal Sensor, the HIK Micro Thunder Thermal Weapon Scope delivers industry-leading detail and clarity in a compact and rugged package. The software built into the Thunder Weapon Scope is easy to use and would be instantly recognisable to anyone who has used a HIK Micro Thermal Monocular.

The Thunder shares many of the features including the choice of 4 colour palettes, Hot Track, and WiFi, in order to stream, record and control from your phone, plus NEW and exciting features like 'Picture-in-Picture', 5 reticle choices and in with the option of 3 colours.


  • Brand: HIK Micro (by HIK Vision)
  • Popularity: HIK Micro Thunder 35mm 35mK Smart Thermal Weapon Scope
  • SKU: HIK-TH35
  • Unit Type: Thermal
  • Colour Palettes: Yes
  • Detection Range: 1200m
  • Display Resolution: 1024x768
  • Display Type: LCOS
  • FOV @ 100 yards: 10.0°
  • Magnification (Digital): 8x
  • Magnification (Optical): 2.1x
  • NETD: <35mK
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 35mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20/+40°C
  • Pixel Pitch: 17μm
  • Refresh Rate: 50HZ
  • Sensor Resolution: 384x288
  • Video / Sound Recording: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes