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Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 Rifle Scope LP FFP MSR2 1CM CCW DT/ST

Rifle Scope by Schmidt & Bender

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The Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP FFP MSR2 model is the scope for universal use with big magnification and an extremely comprehensive total adjustment range. It is equipped with parallax compensation, illuminated reticle and two turns in the elevation adjustment (Double Turn). Thanks to the Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP FFP MSR2 big magnification and comprehensive reticle adjustment the scope may be successfully used up to a distance of 2,000 meters. Parallax compensation may be adjusted starting at 10 meters and reaching to infinity. This Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP FFP MSR2 is supplied with the MSR2 reticle specially designed by FINN Accuracy in the first focal plane and is paired with 0.1 MRAD or 1cm Clicks. MSR2 reticle has several new features, yet with further development of original design features, all carefully benchmarked and fine-tuned for the most optimized usability. Dozens of test combinations were used in the development phase, some have been incorporated into final prototype scopes for further evaluation and final analysis.

Countless individual aspects had to be considered in design and development, especially line or object weight balancing which is always difficult with any reticle. This was a particularly sensitive issue with MSR2 where optimization had to be balanced uniquely for various types of use, and design had to perform with several magnifications. In some applications, MSR2 also requires and takes advantage of the latest reticle lens etching technology that was not available during the original MSR development. The reticle can now be used at very low magnification powers starting from 5x for spotting and general observing, whilst still be used at these powers for very close range and rapid aiming situations. Midrange magnifications from 10 - 15x offer the very traditional 1/0.5mrad deviation feel for any shooting where larger FOV or simple classic look is needed. In heavy mirage or with moving targets, for instance. The stadimetric 400m-1300m instant ranging scale becomes more usable starting from this power range.

Several additional aiming references for ELR/ULR also available due to relatively large FOV. From 15 - 20x power and up, the smaller center area details for long range precision appear and become visible. The center cross has added hashmarks, as well as very fine surrounding alignment crosses whilst still keeping the clean and simple overall feel without any unnecessary distraction. For magnification above 25x, FOV limits the usage to the center area of the reticle. The illuminated center cross has 0.2mrad deviation hashmarks in the horizontal axis. These marks were kept light to keep the center area as clean as possible while still offering functionality with new aiming references. The reticle 0.04mrad hairline thickness in 5-25x scope class can be considered to be slightly on the thick side, but the incorporation of a center aiming dot enables aiming at even the smallest and most distant target. The center aiming dot was considered for the original MSR design, but it seemed too radical for such a new design concept back then. However now with scope magnifications up to 35x and even more, this feature guarantees precise aiming in any situation. MSR2 also incorporates design features which are particular functionality extension to extremely long shooting distances. After almost 2-years on the project, we are confident and happy to assure anyone that nothing was lost from the original idea. The New MSR2 is still simple, versatile and efficient but now with detailed precision and extended usability for those who appreciate more.


  • Brand: Schmidt & Bender
  • Popularity: Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP FFP MSR2 1CM CCW DT/ST Riflescope
  • SKU: 677-911-812-90-68
  • Highest Magnification: 21x-30x
  • Illuminated Reticle: Yes
  • Minimum Parallax: 10m-∞
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56mm
  • Reticle Plane: First Focal Plane
  • Tube Diameter: 34 mm
  • Turret Click Value: 0.1 MRAD (cm)

Warranty: 30 years 

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