Collection: Red Dot Sight Magnifiers

Red Dot Sight Magnifiers are an excellent optical accessory that allow you to quickly increase your zoom capabilities to sight in on distant targets. These red dot sight accessories boost your versatility while hunting, range training or performing tactical operations so that you can adapt and react in the field, using your red dot for CQB encounters and activating the red dot flip magnifier to enhance your accuracy at longer ranges. 3x magnifiers are usually the popular choice for shooters, but we also have 6x red dot magnifiers and other magnification levels to choose from.

Shop from a roster filled with trusted brands in the firearms industry to ensure you buy the best red dot sight magnifier for your weapon. We carry Vortex Red Dot Magnifiers and EOTech Red Dot Magnifiers, and there are also AR15 red dot magnifier combo packages that give you a magnified red dot scope at a better value. Don't forget to check out our red dot magnifier mounts to securely equip the magnifier to your firearm.