Collection: Weapon Lights

Navigate the night with these weapon lights mounted to your pistol, rifle, or shotgun. Having a hands-free flashlight in the field provides you with a bright beam of light while allowing full mobility to react to any stressful situation. Here, you'll find amazing deals on the hottest brands including SureFire Weapon Lights, and Streamlight Weapon Lights. With a wide variety of available weapon-mounted lights, you can find the perfect one for your needs. Look no further for your next pistol light or AR 15 light. Explore models that are compact to save rail space, include IR lights and lasers, and are built with high-impact construction to uphold during intense tactical scenarios. Most of these gun lights are built shockproof to withstand your recoil, anodized to resist the elements, and designed with the highest quality of materials to consistently perform in any environment.

Whether you're military personnel, law enforcement or simply want to get in some nightly target practice, these Best Rated Weapon Lights are the best way to enhance your visibility in dark areas.