Collection: Trijicon Optics

Founded in 1981, Trijicon, Inc. is an American company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality illuminated aiming systems for firearms, specifically for both civilian and military applications. The company's commitment to rugged, durable, and innovative optics has made them a preferred choice for many professional marksmen, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and firearm enthusiasts around the world.

Key Features:

  • Tritium Illumination: One of the defining features of many Trijicon products is their use of tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, to provide battery-free illumination in low-light conditions. This self-luminous technology ensures that sights remain visible in various environments, from dusk till dawn.
  • Durability: Trijicon products are renowned for their durability. They're built to withstand harsh conditions, which is why they're favored by military and law enforcement personnel worldwide. Many of the company's optics are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and are designed to be waterproof, shock-resistant, and fog-resistant.
  • Innovative Optics: Trijicon offers a wide range of products, including reflex sights, variable riflescopes, and night sights, among others. Their Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) is particularly well-known in military circles for its ruggedness, clarity, and battery-free illuminated reticle.
  • Dual Illumination: Some Trijicon models utilize a combination of tritium and fiber optics, which captures ambient light during the day to provide illumination. This ensures optimal brightness of the reticle or sights across diverse lighting scenarios.
  • Precision: Offering sharp reticles and clear glass, Trijicon optics enable shooters to achieve accurate shots consistently. Their meticulous design ensures parallax-free aiming and optimal field of view.

Applications: Trijicon's product range covers various applications, including:

  • Tactical and combat scenarios
  • Law enforcement operations
  • Competitive shooting sports
  • Hunting and outdoor activities
  • Civilian self-defense and firearm training

Trijicon stands as a testament to American engineering, offering state-of-the-art optical solutions tailored for real-world, demanding conditions. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and performance ensures that whether you're on the battlefield, at the shooting range, or out in the wilderness, you can trust Trijicon to deliver unparalleled clarity and reliability.