Collection: B&T Industries

B&T Industries is renowned for its premium-grade shooting accessories, most notably the Atlas Bipods and Accu-Shot Monopods. Both products have set benchmarks in the firearms community for their precision engineering, durability, and versatility.

Atlas Bipods:

  • Build Quality: Crafted from high-strength anodized aluminum and stainless steel components, Atlas Bipods provide rugged support for various shooting environments, from range shooting to tactical applications.
  • Versatility: With multiple leg positions, from stowed to 90 degrees, and varied length adjustments, these bipods cater to multiple shooting styles and terrains.
  • Mounting Solutions: The patented QD lever system makes it easy to attach and detach the bipod from firearms without any tools. This is complemented by a myriad of mount options compatible with Picatinny, M-LOK, and other mounting systems.
  • Panning & Canting: Most models come with the ability to pan (side-to-side movement) and cant (tilting movement), which aids in tracking moving targets and stabilizing on uneven terrains.
  • Leg Design: The leg design allows for both forward and backward folding, accommodating user preference. The feet are replaceable and come in different designs like rubber, spiked, or clawed for grip across various surfaces.

Accu-Shot Monopods:

  • Precision Elevation: Accu-Shot Monopods are designed to provide shooters with an additional rear support, ensuring a more stable shooting platform. They are especially useful for long-range precision shooting where minute elevation adjustments can make a significant difference.
  • Construction: Built with the same robustness as the Atlas Bipods, these monopods are made from durable materials to ensure longevity and stability.
  • Quick Adjustments: Featuring a fine-tuned adjustment knob, the monopod allows for quick elevation adjustments while maintaining a solid base.
  • Multiple Models: Catering to different shooting needs and rifle setups, Accu-Shot Monopods come in various models, including those for standard rifle stocks, chassis systems, and Picatinny rail mounts.

In the world of shooting supports, B&T Industries' Atlas Bipods and Accu-Shot Monopods have earned their reputation not just for their build quality but also for the functional advantages they provide to shooters. Whether you're an enthusiast at the range, a long-range precision shooter, or a tactical professional, these products ensure stability, accuracy, and adaptability in a variety of scenarios.